Urban Art Deco, Furniture Hacking

Vintage furniture with a contemporary twist. what could be better!? May I coin the phrase “Urban Art Deco”?

Before & After

When I was commissioned by “Out of the Dark” run by Jay Blades and Jade Blades, I couldn’t be happier. Not only do they produce some very cool customized furniture, they do it all as a social enterprise that beautifully restores salvaged furniture as a means to train, and employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

They invited me to create a limited edition piece to add to their range. Here’s a “before & after” plus an insight into the process I used to transform a salvaged Art Deco chest of draws..

As the chest of draws themselves were a nice simple Art Deco style, I wanted to creat a design & colour scheme that would compliment this. Allowing myself to be heavily influenced by iconic Art Deco design, I researched and sketched, eventually settling on the peacock motif. This elegant but cheeky character adds movement & playfulness to the piece. I added alternating black and gold handles for even more personality. This was really fun project, more coming soon so watch this space!
For sales enquiries please contact “Out of the Dark

The Process

Below is my rough initial sketch. I chose to use stencil and spray paint to create the design as it would give a slicker finish than hand painting. Shot of the stencil being cut also below.

I really wanted to allow some of the original wood grain show through in the design, so had to consider this when cutting my multi-layer stencils.

As the design was quite detailed I chose to stick with a minimal colour scheme. Black & gold seemed the perfect choice, being classic Art Deco but also reminiscent of oriental design, which I love so much, and feels quite luxurious.

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