Upfest 2013 – Mishfit in the POSCA 75 Illustration Battle

This year at Upfest, I took part in the POSCA 75 Live Illustration Battle.

It was an eventful episode. After my appointed partner was nearly missing in action, ending up in hospital and having to leave early, the opposition not showing up, and a last minute replacement Mr Draws gallantly stepping in, we somehow made it through to the “Final”! Where, in front of a packed Upfest crowd,  we were rightfully beaten by the astounding TelmoMiel.

Here’s a brief snap shot of how it went down:

Round 1:

Me and Mr Shiz compete against each other as the opposition didn’t show up. I won this 1 hour round with the piece below – but as a team, we both went through to the semi final. This is my best piece from the battle, before the nerves got the better of me. A supercharged cyborg lady face, ready to get things moving, she was great fun to draw!


Round 2:

I loose my partner as he ended up in hospital, so Mr Draws is appointed as a replacement. We take on a great team, it was a close thing, but we won with our super cute Panda/Geisha combo.mishfit_upfest_posca75_illustration_battle_round2mishfit_upfest_posca75_illustration_battle_round2b

Round 3:

When I heard we were up against the awesome TilmoMiel, I felt like doing a runner! But somehow drowned out the nerves, tiredness & fear with some lovely beer and even more support from my lovely crew and got on with it..Needless to say we were rightfully wipped by them and it was a pleasure to watch them in action.


Mishfit Mural painting at Latitude Festival