Mishfit writes for Lost at E-minor

I was pretty stoked to be asked to write for the creative online magazine Lost in E-minor recently. I was given the broadly open challenge to write some short posts about inspirational things I had discovered. What better than to give a brief overview of the urban art world and some things that had peaked my interest recently. Give them a read and let me know what you think! 🙂

Links to each of my small articles

ETAM Crew – Mindblowing large scale street art by graffiti crew ETAM

Guy Denning – Guy Denning: drawing with rage, amongst other things

My Dog Sighs – My Dog Sighs creates free art if you know where to look

Herakut – German graffiti duo Herakut show the power of collaboration

Grafik Warfare – Robots – Street art collective Grafik Warfare really like robots

And of course a piece about little old me! –
Mishfit –
Mishfit: bringing elegance to urban street art

Mishfit tattoo design