Mishfit painting at Latitude Festival 2013

This summer I had the privilege of painting in a beautiful forest at Latitude Festival with 2 amazing artists Dan Kitchener (aka DANK) and Dale Grimshaw.
In a magical sun dappled forest we created something unexpected!
Using spray paint, brush & acrylic , and with a loose “pagan warrior” theme in mind we set about transforming a clearing in the Latitude forest into a live art space.  Inviting people in to come and watch us at work, talk to us, get inspired and watch the work unfold over a 3 day period.

We used a striking colour scheme to help the individual pieces from each artist hang together, and against the lush green background created a very strong impact. It was a real blast creating something truly unexpected for the people wandering through this beautiful forest.

Latitude Festival, Mishfit, Live art, Mural, Graffiti, Dan Kitchener, Dale Grimshaw, Artists in the Woods

Below is a collaborative piece I worked on with DANK and some other progress shots from the weekend.
Big love Latitude Festival, See you next year.

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