Chinese Calligraphy – Feeding the furnance

Chinese calligraphy homework

Chinese calligraphy homework

Inspiration is a tricky flame to keep burning sometimes, that’s why it’s important to feed the furnace with new things.
My homework is harder than it looks, but I wanted to try and understand the discipline behind Chinese brush work. The first thing I learnt was there is a hell of alot to learn.
There is also a lot to un-learn, if you are picking up a Chinese brush for the first time. Wrist position, arm movement, brush controle are all completely different to what you are used to. This has all made it a really challenging and rewarding art form to dip my toe into.

In my constant search for inspiration and ways to improve artistically i stumbled upon the idea of learning the basics of Chinese calligraphy.

I’m really glad I started a 3 session Chinese calligraphy taster course, run by the lovely Louisa  at Oriental Arts in Brighton.

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