Mish Maudsley, or Mishfit as she is known in the art world is a contemporary urban artist, creating artwork inspired by wild skies and wanderlust.



Travel plays a vital part in fuelling Mish’s inspiration, and she derives energy & motivation from the many vibrant sights, colours, myths, symbolism, cultures and people encountered on her adventures across the globe. Her work evokes open-ended stories filled with wanderlust conjured from her own experiences.

Street art roots

A figure in the UK street art scene for over a 15 years, Mishfit was there as the burgeoning street art scene exploded into the public consciousness for the first time. She was part of exhibitions at the infamous Dragon Bar in Shoreditch, part of pop-up happenings with Finders Keepers Crew, part of Grafik Warfare crew and took part in many other painting events and shows during this formative time in street art’s history. Often as the only Female artist on the roster.

Since then Mishfit has painted internationally from the streets of Melbourne to Europes biggest street art festival Upfest and many places in between. She is now embracing a more refined approach.


Mish embraces her Street Art roots by combining spray paint with loose brushstrokes and refined drawing, to create a beautiful & energetic signature style that cannot be ignored. It is as much about the paint and the process as it is about the finished artwork.

If you would like to commission a work of art get in touch.


Mishfit has been represented by a range of urban art galleries in the UK. If you’d like her on your books, drop her a line.

Current Representation

Past Representation


2020 – 2021


  • Gallery Lock In – Girls V Boys – Urban Art Group Exhibition – Brighton
  • Artists Open House – Christmas Festival  – The Chocolate House
  • Artists Open House – Summer Festival  – The Chocolate House
  • Brighton Tattoo Convention – Pop-up gallery show
  • Bright Craft Beer Festival – Pop-up gallery group show

2017 / 2018

  • Studio Work, commissions and private sales
  • SeaSpray Gallery Hastings – Representation and Group show
  • Upfest Urban Arts festival – Live painting – Bristol
  • Dukes Lane Brighton – Sinna One and Friends – Pop Up Gallery Show


  • Liquitex Live – Competition Winner – Live painting in Covent Garden – London
  • Femme Fierce Graffiti Festival – Live painting Leake Street Tunnel – London

2010 – 2015

  • Paint & Beer graffiti festival – Live painting – Amsterdam
  • Painting at Boomtown Festival
  • Inkd Gallery – SNAPSHOT group show – Brighton
  • TEDx Brighton – Graffiti to promote the “TEDx – Pass it on” conference
  • Artschism Gallery – Group shows – Brighton
  • Paint & Beer Graffiti Festival – Live painting- Amsterdam
  • Latitude Festival 2013 – Live painting as part of “Artist In The Woods”
  • Artschism Gallery – Group shows – Brighton
  • She Says Conference – Speaking at conference about creativity & innovation
  • Upfest Urban Arts festival – Live painting – Bristol
  • Posca 75 Illustration battle – Live Drawing @ Upfest
  • Graffik Gallery – Hazardous Waste – Group Show – London
  • No Walls Gallery – Gallery representation – Brighton
  • London Urban Art Fair
  • Upfest Urban Arts festival – Live painting – Bristol
  • Grafik Warfare – Pop Up Exhibition – Brighton
  • Step in the Arena Graffiti Festival – Hidden Beauty Art shop – Netherlands.
  • White Night Festival – Illuminated Live painting – Brighton
  • Graffik Gallery – Corroded Surfaces Group Show –  – London
  • Paint & Beer Graffiti festival – Live Painting- Amsterdam
  • West Bank Gallery – Bank Job Group Show – London
  • Urban Art Fair – Ibiza
  • Upfest Urban Arts festival – Live painting – Bristol
  • The Beautiful & the Canned –  Graffiti Festival, Live Painting, – Brighton
  • Ink-d Gallery Representation – Brighton

2005 – 2010

  • Upfest Urban Arts festival – Live painting 2010 – Bristol
  • Collaboration with Cut Collective  2010- Auckland – New Zealand
  • Upfest Urban Arts festival – Live painting –  2009 – Bristol
  • The Nightmare before Xmas – Group Street art Exhibition – SIN – London
  • Rising styles Hip Hop festival – Live painting of the “Freize Box”  – Brighton
  • Bazart Group Street art Exhibition –  Shoreditch
  • Finders Keepers – Group Street art Exhibition – The Dragon Bar, Shoreditch

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