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The New Lost Embrace Collection,
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The Lost Embrace Collection

Mishfit’s latest collection entitled “The Lost Embrace” strives to recapture some of the moments of human contact that we all lost over the pandemic. Combining her signature luminous cloudscapes with deconstructed figurative elements, Mishfit weaves dreamlike scenes full of tenderness, empathy, passion and desire. This explosively colourful collection packs a punch, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Escape to dreamy worlds full of colour

Limited Edition Giclée Prints

Stunning limited edition Giclée prints, printed in Brighton with high-quality archival links, on gorgeous heavy-weight papers. Choose from a selection of original or hand-embellished with 24ct gold.

About the Artist

Mishfit occupies the hinterland between street art and fine art painting. Creating striking and colour-drenched artwork from her studio in Brighton, she is inspired by the forces of nature, a deep sense of wanderlust and the commonalities that make us human.

Street Art & Mural Commissions

A selection of Mishfit’s graffiti, street art, commissions & live painting.