Contemporary Urban Artist

Painting Wild Skies & Wanderlust Woman


Urban Artist

About the Artist

Mish Maudsley, (aka Mishfit) occupies the
hinterland between street art and fine art painting. Creating striking and colour drenched artwork from her studio in Brighton, she is inspired by the forces of nature, human emotion and a deep sense of wanderlust.

Wild Skies is an exploration of emotion and human experience through form, light and colour. A departure from Mish’s usual figurative work, this new collection flips the visual narrative from literal human representation to abstract human emotion.

This exciting new virtual exhibition can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. An opportunity to experience the entire collection publicly for the first time, Mish combines styles and mediums to create a luminous visual alchemy for her dreamlike cloudscapes.

Neon Geisha Print Release

The stunning “Neon Geisha” Giclée print is available in 2 limited edition runs, including an Extremely limited edition run of 10, hand embellished with 24cc Golf Leaf, making each one completely unique.

Street Art & Mural Commissions

A selection of Mishfit’s graffiti, street art, commissions & live painting.