Mural commissions for Inside & Out

Transform your space

Whether its a statement mural or a subtle flourish designed to perfectly enhance your surroundings, everyone needs art on their walls & colour in their life.

Colour can be an amazing architectural feature. The creative application of colour by a skilled artist can transform any space. Whether it’s a mansion or garden, apartment or office, a bespoke mural will inject a new energy and change the way you, your family or clients feel about the space. Colour can positively effect mood, productivity and has an overwhelming effect on how you interact with the space. By combining graffiti art with interior design sensibilities, Mish can create the perfect piece of art for you. Whether you want to brand your space, make it more cozy, calming or energetic, a bespoke mural is the perfect way to make a statement.

Who We Work With

Working directly with individuals clients, interior designers or architects, Mish brings her unique set of skills to the mix and is dedicated to producing art of the highest quality. She is ready to take on any brief big or small, so get in touch 

Watch your ideas Come to life…

Step 1.

Initial consultation: reviewing the space and understanding it’s usage, discussion of objectives and ideas.

Step 2.

Rough Sketches: presentation of rough concepts and colour swatches to create discussion & feedback.

Step 3.

Final Concept: through a collaborative approach we finesse the concept into an approved final sketch, rendered in colour.

Get in touch and let’s make great things happen!