Painting the town Gold : Mishfit & SinnaOne Painting at Boomtown!


August 2014 saw myself and SinnaOne prepping our plans for Boomtown festival. We had been asked to come up with a bespoke mural design for a casino themed set in the Mayfair section of the Festival.

With limited time & budget, we planned something that was guaranteed to be striking from a distance. Painting commenced 2 days before the festival started, and while we worked away up our scaff tower, we saw the amazing set of Boomtown take shape around us..Hats off the all the girls & guys who worked their asses off to make it all come together.
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The Art Of Figure Drawing

mishfit_figuredrawing I’m getting back to basics this month by relearning the art of figure drawing. Starting with the structural mannikin, studying the proportions of the male and female frame and working up to a fleshed out figure.I don’t recall ever being taught this at art school and I am really enjoying the cross over between drawing and human anatomy.  Really, which ever method you use to learn it, drawing the human figure is a skill that hasn’t changed for centuries and is still as relevant today as it was 500 years ago.

Chinese Calligraphy – Feeding the furnance

Chinese calligraphy homework

Chinese calligraphy homework

Inspiration is a tricky flame to keep burning sometimes, that’s why it’s important to feed the furnace with new things.
My homework is harder than it looks, but I wanted to try and understand the discipline behind Chinese brush work. Read more

Mishfit painting at Latitude Festival 2013

mishfit_latitude2This summer I had the privilege of painting in a beautiful forest at Latitude Festival with 2 amazing artists Dan Kitchener (aka DANK) and Dale Grimshaw.
In a magical sun dappled forest we created something unexpected!
Using spray paint, brush & acrylic , and with a loose “pagan warrior” theme in mind we set about transforming a clearing in the Latitude forest into a live art space.  Inviting people in to come and watch us at work, talk to us, get inspired and watch the work unfold over a 3 day period.
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Upfest 2013 – Mishfit in the POSCA 75 Illustration Battle

This year at Upfest, I took part in the POSCA 75 Live Illustration Battle.

It was an eventful episode. After my appointed partner was nearly missing in action, ending up in hospital and having to leave early, the opposition not showing up, and a last minute replacement Mr Draws gallantly stepping in, we somehow made it through to the “Final”! Where, in front of a packed Upfest crowd,  we were rightfully beaten by the astounding TelmoMiel.
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Getting Painty At Life Drawing.

My first attempt at “Alla Prima” and quite frankly I found it pretty brain noodling. The plus side I guess, is it made drawing feel like a doddle.
Maybe there’s a a lesson there… If you’re finding something difficult…try something even more difficult and it will make the first this seem simple!

Many thanks again to Rachel Mortimer for running a great class, and imparting some valuable pointers.

Alla Prima black n white painting. 15 minutes

Alla Prima black n white painting. 15 minutes

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Life Drawing Class, Week 9

Drawing with Triangles only is producing results i’m really pleased with. This is also the first time i’ve used “measuring” since college, so it’s going to take me a while to grips with that again.


Drawing with triangles only – 10 min sketch

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Life Drawing : week 7

Some great contours to study this week, and i particularly enjoyed doing my continuous line contour drawing at the bottom of this post.

Detail of 25 minute sketch

Detail of 25 minute sketch

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