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Her art work exists in many forms and can be found in dark corners and bright spaces across the globe, take a look around and get in touch if you like what you see. To buy artwork, check out the shop.

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Painting the town Gold : Mishfit & SinnaOne Painting at Boomtown!

August 2014 saw myself and SinnaOne prepping our plans for Boomtown festival. We had been asked to come up with a bespoke mural design for a casino themed set in the Mayfair section of the Festival. With limited time & budget, we planned something that was guaranteed to be striking from a distance. Painting commenced […]

The Art Of Figure Drawing

I’m getting back to basics this month by relearning the art of figure drawing. Starting with the structural mannikin, studying the proportions of the male and female frame and working up to a fleshed out figure.I don’t recall ever being taught this at art school and I am really enjoying the cross over between drawing […]

Chinese Calligraphy – Feeding the furnance

Inspiration is a tricky flame to keep burning sometimes, that’s why it’s important to feed the furnace with new things. My homework is harder than it looks, but I wanted to try and understand the discipline behind Chinese brush work. The first thing I learnt was there is a hell of alot to learn. There […]